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Client satisfaction

Manufacturing the best quality packaging, which are delivered on time and technical support in the process of selecting optimal solutions that allows us to build long-term relationships with our business partners.


Care for the environment

Continuous development through investments in latest technologies to achieve ultra-thin packaging with excellent durability, research and implementation of solutions to bring recyclable packaging to the market.

About us

Fabryka Opakowań Foliowych ROSSOPLAST D. i R. Rossochaccy Spółka Jawna with headquarters located in Lidzbark Warmiński is a polish family-owned company established in 1986. With a view to increase customer satisfaction and improve the company’s competitiveness on the packaging market, partners pay special attention to development of the factory, which they implement through continuous investments in technical progress, automation of production processes and improvement of product quality.


In 2004 the company obtained the ISO 9001 certificate for the first time and the HACCP certificate was granted in 2018. Quality control system has been maintaining and constantly improving.



The factory specializes in production of foil packaging with multicolored prints for individual customer order. The company has over 35 years of experience in the production of a wide range of products – various PE, PP, PA PET, metalized PET films and multilayer laminates obtained from combining different types of films mentioned above. The factory also manufactures a number of types of tapes and laminate bags. Among recipients of foil packaging are the producers of household chemicals, gardening substrates, pet food, food products, fertilizers, industrial raw materials and building materials etc.

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Danuta i Ryszard Rossochaccy

European Funds

Fabryka Opakowań Foliowych ROSSOPLAST D. i R. Rossochaccy Spółka Jawna has been implementing the project under the Smart Growth Operational Programme for 2014-2020, Axis 3 Support for innovation in enterprises, Measure 3.2. Support for R&D results implementations, Sub-measure 3.2.1 Research for the market: “Launching the production of packaging based on five-layer films as a result of the implementation of R&D works in Rossoplast”

Grant agreement nr POIR.03.02.01-28-0007/18-00
Project value: 29 400 000,00 zł
Grant amount: 17 640 000,00 zł
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Funds

Project purpose

The project purpose is to offer to the European market high-quality laminates made of multilayer films with parameters significantly exceeding the products of competitors, which are a response to the expectations of customers and the development of a market niche. Actions taken in the project are focused on the implementation of an innovative production technology with substantially reduced thickness while increasing the functional and technical parameters, which are the result of R&D operations.

Planned effects of the project are:


Implementation of high quality packaging technology based on five– layered films.


Introduction of 2 product innovations in the shape of essentially improved laminates and bags selection with significantly better parameters of physicochemical and functional properties.


Implementation of innovation in the form of manufacturing film laminates.


Initiating organizational innovation concerning separation of new film laminate production unit in the structure of the company.


Inaugurating marketing innovation consisting of launching an advertising campaign based on innovative solutions on the scale of the company and the market


Creation of 4 new workplaces for production workers.

History of our company


The inception of our company in plastic packaging production field.


In 2004 the company has obtained the ISO 9001 certificate for the first time.


Launching the replacement program for the entire machine park.


Purchase of new printer W&H Novoflex co-financed by the EU funds within “Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises” Operational Programme.

2008 - 2010

Purchase and installation of film and laminates packaging production line that contains laminator, precise film cutting machine, bag sealer line and professional printer’s ink mixing room, co-financed by the EU funds within the Regional Operational Programme – Warmia i Mazury for years 2007-2013.

2009 – 2012

Purchase and installation of packaging production line, consisting of a three-layer PE film production line, a bag sealing line and laboratory equipment, co-financed by EU funds within the Regional Operational Programme – Warmia i Mazury for years 2007-2013.


Zakup i instalacja linii do produkcji pięciowarstwowej folii PE, współfinansowane ze środków UE w ramach regionalnego programu operacyjnego – Warmia i Mazury na lata 2007-2013 Purchase and installation of five-layer PE film production line, co-financed by EU funds within the Regional Operational Programme – Warmia i Mazury for years 2007-2013.


Purchase and installation of new flexographic printer co-financed by EU funds within the Regional Operational Programme – Warmia i Mazury for years 2007-2013 and finalizing machinery and equipment replacement process with new and modern ones with the support of the state budget and the European Union


In 2018 the company has obtained the HACCP certificate.


Implementation of a project co-financed by European Regional Development Funds consisting of purchase of a new packaging production line based on a five-layer PE film. As part of the investment company bought five-layer PE film packaging production line, flexographic printer, laminator enabling laminating film with and without solvent, device for precise film cutting with print inspection, Doypack production machine, Stabilopack bag and flat-bottom production machine.

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