Flexographically printed multilayer laminates

Laminates allow us to produce packaging printed on the inner side of glued tapes with different physicochemical properties. The printing between the layers prevents printed design damage, effectively protects products against the harmful action of external factors such as: air, steam, light, UV radiation etc. Using barrier layers in laminates, packaging properties can be matched to the expected technical and technological parameters, including affecting the time of usefulness of the packaged product.

We offer laminates for packaging, e.g.:

  •  food industry products
  • household chemicals
  • petfood and animal foodstuffs
  • construction materials
  • gardening substrates, peat and bark
  • fertilizers
  • salts
  • hygroscopic materials

The benefits of using laminates:

  • adjustment of the laminate structure to the requirements of the packaged product
  • optimal in terms of its cost and the set requirements, matching the packaging strength to the needs
  • the possibility of obtaining appropriate packaging barrier capacity by proper selection of layer structures,
  • printed design protection against damage during the packaging, storage and transport of packaged products
  • adjustment of the thermally welded layer to the packaging machine characteristics
Device for washout of printing plates

Device for washout of printing plates

Machine for laser exposure of printing plates

Machine for laser exposure of printing plates

Miraflex flexographic printer

Miraflex flexographic printer

Laminates are available in the form of tapes wound on bobbins with diameters of 76 or 152 mm up to 1300 mm wide and with a printing repeat of up to 1250 mm.

Laminaty wielowarstwowe z nadrukiem fleksograficznym

Flexographically printed multilayer tapes and laminates

Laminarka do sklejania folii

Laminator for film gluing

Packaging from two- or three-layer laminates, depending on the needs and the kind of the packaged product, is characterized by appropriate mechanical strength and barrier capacity, due to the combination of different film types with separate physicochemical properties and parameters, e.g.:

  • PE / PE
  • OPP / PE
  • OPA / PE
  • CPP / PE
  • PET / PE
  • metallised OPP / PE
  • PET / metallised PET / PE
  • and others formed from any their combination