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Doypack bag

Doypack bags can be made of Mono tape or Duplex and Triplex laminate.

The stable bottom of the bag makes the product presentation attractive on the store shelf. For the production of Flat Bottom bags, Duplex and Triplex laminates are used, the inner layer of which is made of PE foil, and the outer layers can be made of PE, PP, PA, PET, PETmet materials.

The manufacture of bags from laminates allows for the proper selection of the structure for the needs of the packaging, and the possibility of using a barrier layer allows to extend the shelf life of the packed product. Moreover, the use of interlayer printing in laminates protects the graphics against mechanical damage in the process of packing, transport and storage of ready products, and increases the aesthetics of the packaging and its functionality. The bags are used for packing household chemicals, animal feed, artificial fertilizers, all kinds of hygroscopic materials


Technical parameters:

Front width of the bag from 130mm to 400mm

The width of the bottom gusset from 70mm to 150mm

Bag height from 80mm to 550mm

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