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Laminates make it possible to make packages with an overprint on the inside of the glued tapes with different physical and chemical properties. Printing between the layers prevents damage to the print, effectively protects products against the harmful effects of external factors such as: air, water vapour, light, UV radiation, etc. Using it in laminates barrier layers, you can adjust the properties of the packaging to the expected technical and technological parameters, including the shelf life of the packed product. We offer laminates for packaging food industry products, household

chemicals, animal feed and fodder, building materials, horticultural substrates, peat and bark, artificial fertilizers, salt, hygroscopic ones, etc.

Benefits of using laminates: adjusting the structure of the laminate to the requirements of the packed product, optimal in terms of its cost and requirements, matching the strength of the packaging to the needs, the possibility of obtaining the appropriate barrier properties of the packaging through the appropriate selection of layer structures, protection of the overprint against damage in the process of packing, storage and transport of the packed products, adaptation of the heat-sealable layer to the characteristics of the packaging machine. The packaging made from two or three layers laminates, depending on the needs and type of the packed product, are characterized by appropriate mechanical strength and barrier properties, due to the connection of various types of foil with different properties and physicochemical parameters, e.g. PE / PE, PP / PE, PA / PE, PET / PE, PET / PETmet / PE and others resulting from any combination of them.

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